About Us

Since 2004, we have been involved in every aspect of the Wood Pellet business. This has led us to form close connections with the European and Asian Industrial buyers which has given us a real insight as to the current and future requirements of this exciting market place.

Our experience of production, plant design, logistics and sales skills combined with insightful market knowledge means that we are uniquely placed to successfully prepare and introduce your product to the right buyer at the right time thereby helping Promotors achieve their sales targets.

The feedback from the Utilities has been:

  • :: The principal advantage of dealing with WPS is that it saves the Utility an enormous amount of time and resources in their due diligence process as well as avoiding weeks/months spent in examining potential deals that are ultimately unsuitable for them.
  • :: Because WPS understands the complexity of the market and the current and future individual needs of each utility in every European and Asian country, it is understood that when WPS presents them with a proposal on behalf of a producer, it will be totally relevant to their situation and worthy of attention.

WPS takes a neutral stance. Our principal financial interest is when a contract, that benefits both parties is signed, so consequently have no interest in wasting our clients¹ and our own time on speculative proposals that can take weeks/months before being ultimately rejected because they were not right in the first place.

The feedback from the Mills has been similar:

  • :: Due to knowledge that WPS has of the market place, it does not build up their hopes because it knows exactly if a product is right and for which market and when.
  • :: The advice and assessment of the product and its relevance to the current and future markets enable producers to match the needs of buyers.

We ensure that all parties are satisfied, and that the contracts are executed within the terms and conditions mutually agreed.

Our business model (our Agency Model) is attractive to both the Producer and End-User. It has proved successful in securing off-take purchase and sale agreements for new and existing promotors in developing Wood Pellet production units.

Transparency is important to us. Our fee structure is open, understood by all and both parties know that our interest lies in producing a ‘win/win’ situation. Our contracts are anything from 1 to 15 years so our clients know that we are ‘in it for the long term’.

As a group, we have existing partners in the following markets: Baltic Region, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, UK and US.

WPS portfolio has currently over 2 Million metric tons per year of Wood Pellets, out of our expanding activities in Europe, Asia, North and South America, coupled with regular contributions to the sector¹s Media, in the form of regional reports, market outlooks, panels and conferences.